Uses Of Money


This is any item or record that is usually accepted as a payment of goods and services. Money is usually divided into various currencies. Each country has their currency, and it has its value. The value of money varies from country to country. We use money every day to meet our daily needs. It is essential in our lives as human beings. Money has occupied a unique position in the modern capitalist economy and money has various uses and advantages.

In the past, it was a struggle to exchange in the market. People used to trade goods with goods. With that, there are those who would go at a loss at times. But with the invention of money, it became possible to measure the value of the commodities that we all have. In other words, money is a medium of exchange. It is used in the trade market, and it brought about fairness in the market.

Money also enables one to save. Looking at the past, it was difficult to keep really, but with the modern money, one can save. When one gets paid or engages in business, they can save a portion of it and later use it.

It also facilitates piti specialization which then leads to high productivity and efficiency. In the market when there is no specialization it then leads to great loss. But when there is specialization people get to know what they are supposed to do in a certain institution. This is where in an office everyone has his or her roles. These roles are what we call specialization. One has to undertake their roles seriously because they know that at the end there is a payment that comes and it comes regarding money. With all this, we get to know how people corporate in an organization put all their effort because they know the final pay back is money.

It is also essential to note that money helps in the reviving the economy from depression. From time to time the economy in the country goes down unexpectedly. This can only be boosted back into its position using the money; the government could take loans from various places to be able to regulate the economy back into position. Money can also be employed in the development of the economy so that at the end it could bring benefits to the government and the nation.  Know about compound interest formula here!

All this states the importance of money in our lives and in our every day uses. Check out this website at for more facts about mortgage.


Top Tips to Save Money


Saving money can be very challenging, especially when you have a lot of responsibilities to think about. Keep in mind that even the smallest changes can make a big difference in your bank balance. Even changing just one thing that you regularly do could save you hundreds every month. Here are some of out top tips to help you save money.

Make a budget. The typical family sustains so much financial stress. Majority of us have student loans, credit card debt, a mortgage, car loans, and other types of debt. Despite this fact, not a lot of people take the time to make a budget. According to research finding, 68% of households in the country do not prepare a budget. This is definitely not good news. Budgeting is crucial when you want to take control of your financial life, which will help you get rid of stress and let you attain your dreams. Buying unnecessary things can a convenient way to get rid of stress, but is not ideal for your wallet or your mental health. Budgeting can help you remember that there are more healthy an sustainable ways to get rid of stress.

If you want more perks and earn more interest¬† for your savings, try moving bank accounts. If you’re paying a monthly fee for your checking or savings account, there are many banking offers out there that have better deals. Some banks even provide sign-up bonuses just for opening an account and setting up direct deposit. Some also provide competitive interest rates to new customers as well. While it is true that interest rates are not like they were before, it is still definitely worth considering. Some of the top free checking accounts and best compound interest calculator are available online.

Pay yourself automatically. You can pay yourself efficiently this by setting up the process automatically so that you don’t even have to worry about it, it’s completed before you even remember. You can ask your employer to deduct a specific amount and deposit it in your RRSP or you can arrange automatic transfers with your bank (either online or at your local branch). Know more about mortgage at

Most of the people people who use this method realize that is actually quite easy to get used to living on a little less money and soon enough, they no longer miss the amount that they are transferring to their savings account. When you just let automatic savings do its work, amazing things take place, automatically. Remember that automatically saving $25 a week aggregates into $1,300 a year. Know about salary calculator here!

Use The Mortgage PITI Calculator To Get Your Money Calculations Right


When you take your loan, you need to know how to calculate your mortgage. This will help in understanding your purchasing power and in giving you a rough picture of what the future holds for your loan. Once you calculate your down payments, decide how much loan you can take based on your income. Mortgage calculator will therefore help you understand your current economic status and your future one.

Principle, Interest, Taxes & Insurance (PITI) mortgage calculator will calculate for you the monthly repayment amount based on the interest rate, principle amount and the time period for repaying the loan. The mortgage wage calculator does not take care of your dependents so you have to take note of this. Calculations are done based on inflation and rate of interest.

The piti mortgage calculator helps in calculating your expense prior to taking your loan. You need to research a lot to know the percentage of loan offered by different banks. This will help you know what amount to take based on type of house, the cash in your account and your disposable income. After you have these details, get the piti mortgage calculator. Fill all the necessary information. Have your monthly safe buffer included so that you can see the average interest rate and what mortgage you can afford. Learn more about mortgage at

After you have known how much money you can borrow from the bank, calculate your monthly repayments. This should be according to the type of loan given. The mortgage piti calculator calculates the extra repayments and gives you a rough idea on your monthly expense.

The Mortgage piti calculator can be used to compare interest rates and costs of different loans. It can actually tell you the amount difference for loan repayment depending on length of loan repayment period. Before the invention of the piti calculator, mortgage buyers calculated their expenses and repayment amount using compound interest rate tables. These tables were complicated and needed a mathematics genius.  If you were lucking a good mathematics background, then it was difficult to find the final figure for repaying your loan. The Piti mortgage calculators came to solve this challenge. They can be used by anyone interested in a loan. People that are weak in mathematics can get their calculations right, courtesy of the mortgage piti calculator. All you need to know is your total income per month and it will load for you your future total monthly debts.